Custom Landscape Lighting:

The landscaping is the first thing people see when they come over to your house. If you put out a lot of money to make your yard landscaping nice then why not enjoy it at night. We spend many nights outside in our yards to enjoy the nice hot nights.

Desert Nightscapes LLC can help you with a custom lighting package designed just for your yard. Lighting up your yard whether the front and/or back, will bring your yard to life along with giving you a sense of safety along with a beautiful yard to enjoy for years to come.

Custom lighting in your yard can also be a very good selling point to a buyer when they see how nice that new house looks at night. A nice groomed yard that is all lit-up is the perfect place to come home to and enjoy the Arizona nights.

Custom Landscape Lighting is not expensive to operate with the low voltage transformer and now with the new LED bulbs that are now available. Desert Nightscapes is here for all your outdoor lighting needs.

Block Wall and Water Fall:

Block walls are a good way to light up your yard this is where Desert Nightscapes can help you. We have a large selection to choose form in either 120v or low voltage 12v fixtures. There are several 12v fixtures that can be used for block walls to suit your needs.

Water Fall Lighting:

Water falls are very nice in your yard or even part of your swimming pool. There are several different types of water lights to suit your water fall needs. Let Desert Nightscapes bring your water fall to life by putting in that perfect water light. Desert Nightscapes is here for all your Block Wall and Water Fall Lightning needs.

Putting Green Lighting:

Putting Greens are a unique way to spend time outside with friends. Why not light up your putting green so you and your friends can enjoy putting at night. Desert Nightscapes has several path and putting green lights to choose from. We also have the ability to light up the pocket. Desert Nightscapes is here for all your putting green lights and more.

House Lighting:

Outside house lighting is something most people don't want to deal with so let Desert Nightscapes assist you with all your household lighting INSIDE and OUTSIDE needs.

Wall Sconces and Ceiling Fans:

Wall sconces on your home and block wall makes a statement about you and your home. There are many shapes and styles to choose from along with ceiling fans. Desert Nightscapes can help you with picking out that special wall sconce and fan to spruce up your home INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Desert Nightscapes is here for all your lighting needs.

Would you like your yard to look this great?

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